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VTB24 is one of the largest Russian banks, accounting to more then 1000 branches across Russia. It is retail side of the VTB group, a major financial institution in Russia. VTB24 has a wide target audience and works with individuals, entrepreneurs and small businesses. A strategy briefing to position VTB as a dynamic, contemporary and flexible banking retailer with a multichannel operation

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What we did for VTB24
As a part of a strategic branding program, we were asked to create a new brand environment with a multichannel model of service, where the customers will have quick access to banking services at all points of interaction with the bank, whether it is Internet banking, call center, or a physical branch. We were to integrate and communicate the facilities a separate area service in the department, more personal approach – a dedicated manager, privilege account advantages. The solution was to appear attractive and relevant to all customer segments of the bank and be flexible to adapt to different formats in the future.

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Our solution
After the thorough research and benchmarking our design team came up with three routes, ranging from more calm and classic approach to more modern and funky. We recommended the route that maintained the brand recognition, whilst giving the brand environment a more contemporary appeal.

For VTB24 mini office our design principles were:
To elevate the VTB24 brand and show it as contemporary and dynamic
To integrate brand colours and logo into the brand environment
To create a memorable emotional atmosphere for the bank that cares about their customers
Create open welcoming area that would attract customers in, removing the barriers
Develop solution for 24-hour service zone that would enable customers to use the facilities out of office hours

The store before

the store after

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